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Exalt XLR8 1/8 Scale Sensored Brushless Buggy Motor (2050kV) (EXAXLR2050)

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Exalt XLR8 1/8 Scale Sensored Brushless Buggy Motor (2050kV) (EXAXLR2050)
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XLR8 2050Kv 1/8 Brushless Sensored Motor




Designed from the ground up, Team Exalt is proud to offer our 2050Kv XLR8 1/8 Sensored Brushless Motor. The perfect motor, regardless of conditions, has endless power with a smooth and manageable low end power band. With the XLR8's staggered rotor magnet design, you get just that! Each motor is cased in a 2mm thick can with ultra slick black and orange beveled edges ensuring the XLR8 is both stylish and strong. In testing the XLR8 has proved itself to be among the strongest of 1/8 motors in even the toughest of conditions. Don't let the toughness scare you though, we made sure that cooling would be a non-issue. The 2mm can was designed with specifically placed ventilation holes that let air in and keep debris out! Make sure to check out more of the all new XLR8's features below!



  • Staggered magnet placed rotor offering a low drag effect yet still providing incredible torque and power
  • Adjustable timing from 0-40 degrees (CCW/CW).
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Alloy can design to increase internal air circulation while keeping foreign debris out
  • Rebuildable design for easy routine maintenance prolonging motor life
  • High purity copper windings
  • Top-quality alloy steel output shaft 
  • Precision ball bearings 
  • Overall length of 69mm to accommodate all 8th scale buggy applications
  • High-Strength and Heat Resistant Magnet Formula
  • Advanced Hall Sensing System design separating the rotor magnet from the magnet pickup, insuring a clear signal and protects from other signal interference.
  • High heat resistant pure copper wire
  • Sensored and Sensorless Compatibility
  • Replaceable Sensor Board
  • High RPM Precision Bearings
  • Roar Approved  

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