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  • Exalt "X" Rotor Installation Tool (EXA9313) Exalt "X" Rotor Installation Tool (EXA9313)
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    Exalt "X" Rotor Installation Tool (EXA9313)

    MSRP: $19.99
    Exalt "X" Rotor Installation Tool EXA9313 Team Exalt Rotor installation tool is extremely helpful when installing and removing the rotors out of the motors. This tool aligns up the rotor perfectly removing any bind when installing or removing your rotor...
  • Magnalyser Rotor Checker (EXA9302)
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    Magnalyser Rotor Checker (EXA9302)

    Magnalyser Rotor Checker EXA9302 The Magnalyser Rotor Checker Device is only compatible with the Motolyser 2 Unit. This device was designed to connect via Sensor wire from the Motolyser unit to your Rotor Checker. The Designers at Motolyser Designed this...
  • Motolyser 2 Testing Unit (EXA9300)
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    Motolyser 2 Testing Unit (EXA9300)

    Motolyser 2 Unit EXA9300 The Motolyser 2 Testing unit has been the standard for testing not only Spec but modified motors amongst all the Top Motor Companies for the last 5+ years. This unit Provides extremely accurate data making tuning easier for every...
  • Motolyser Bluetooth Module (EXA9301)
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    Motolyser Bluetooth Module (EXA9301)

    Motolyser 2 BlueTooth Module EXA9301 This Bluetooth Module gives you the ablilty to not only Print to Selected Compatiable Printers you can Purchase on Amazon and other retail outlets but also gives you the ablilty to update your units firmware via the...

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