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Team Exalt Battery Wizard Tester (EXA9315)

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Team Exalt Battery Wizard Tester (EXA9315)
Team Exalt Battery Wizard Tester (EXA9315)
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Team Exalt Battery Wizard Tester (EXA9315)
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Exalt Battery Wizard Tester 


The Battery Wizard Tester is a discharge measuring device for your 1s and 2s batteries. This tool is ideal for: comparing, know when to retire, and knowing what kind of performance your battery really has.  This Testing unit allows you to test your batteries, in such catagories involving Overall voltage hold thru out a cycle, Battery fade thru a charge to discharge cycle, and allows to to compare your batteries against each other. This Battery Logger is the same as the Battery Wizard and as they state this Unit is the Motolyser of Battery Testers.

Key Features:

  • Internal resistance measurement
  • Displays battery: discharge curve, milestones, and raw data every 15 seconds
  • Choice of discharge rate: 1-45 amps* for 1s and 2s batteries
  • Reaches desired amps in approximately 2 seconds
  • Customizable cut off voltage
  • Able to calibrate voltage to your multimeter
  • Bar graph discharge display
  • Discharge reference table, AKA "The Spell Book"
  • Black w/Team Exalt Logo
  • Handcrafted in the USA with premium components built for longevity
  • Precision calibrated with lab grade equipment
  • Reverse polarity identification


  • 8-15v input, recommended to run off of 12v power supply
  • Built in heat safety, won't allow the unit to reach over 100* Celsius during a discharge. Unit must return to below 40" Celsius before starting a new cycle.
  • Discharge input=Xt90 female
  • Balance Charge lead input=xt90 female (like the Icharger 456 and 458)
  • Required to use: Balance charge lead, power source, lipo safety bag

*Will discharge a 2s battery at 45 amps ,and a 1s battery at 30 amps with supplied equipment. Another discharge bank must be used to achieve higher discharge amperage with 1s batteries.

We are not liable for any use or misuse of this item, please read the instructions prior to use. Please note that this listing is for 1 battery wizard, and selected options no other items included.

Click Here for the Battery Wizard manual

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