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Team Associated B7 Hybrid-XSN Ceramic Bearing Kit 18pcs (EXA3001)

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Team Associated B7 Hybrid-XSN Ceramic Bearing Kit (18pcs).


         Team Exalt is proud to introduce our Hybrid-XSN Ceramic Bearing Line. Efficient drivetrain is very important not ONLY in Spec racing but any form of racing. The ALL NEW Hybrid-XSN line pairs the combination of Silicon Nitride ceramic balls and Stainless Steel inner/outer rings for higher speeds than full ceramic options. The stainless ring material helps limit any catastrophic failure under high speed or sudden impact situations. So with the combination of Performance and Durabilty look no further than the Exalt Hybrid-XSN Ceramic Bearing Line

The Hybrid-XSN Series comes lightly lubricated with Team Exalt's Oil Slick Hi-Speed PTFE Bearing Oil (EXA9314). We recommend you to Check the conditions of your bearings before each race day and oil them as needed and when cleaning them out we recommend a Citrus cleaner or Acetone.


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